• Who We Are

    GSC is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a long-term, sustainable solution to the growing surgical and anesthesia crisis around the world. Through its research, GSC focuses on revealing where the surgical and anesthesia needs are in low and middle-income countries.
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  • Fatal Numbers

    5 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care.
  • Our Purpose

    GSC's purpose is to create a data index that provides accurate, up to date information on the key factors that affect the surgical access in low and middle-income countries. These factors include training and education, equipment, medications, surgical spaces and more.
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Since 2011, the GSC and its partners has been evaluating the poorest countries for their ability to provide surgery and safe anesthesia. To date we have surveyed 12 countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Guyana, Laos, Liberia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Rwanda, and Uganda.  This information is invaluable to the government, health care system and donors interesting in investing in these countries.